Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

My almost teenager! I cherish these moments!


Happiness is Having an Amazing Best Friend

Happiness is Having an Amazing Best Friend

This girl is my soul mate. She has been my best friend since the day I met her standing outside our lecture hall for our SC Tort Law class. 14 years, several boyfriends, 2 marriages (hers and mine), 9 kids (between the 2 of us), 2500 miles between us and back. Yep, that’s what this friendship is made of and endured. She is standing right by my side as I go through the divorce. I’m so thankful for her love and support and friendship. We are sisters and our bond is deep. I love you girlie. You help me see the good in my life and see through the pain. I thank God for you every single day! Happiness is having you for my friend.

Happiness is Seeing the Joy on His Face

Happiness is Seeing the Joy on His Face

Last night was our second pack meeting with our new cub scout pack. This time the Tigers actually got to participate.  They had the opening ceremony of the pack meeting.  They did such a GREAT job.

I am the Tigers den leader. I have 4 boys in the den, including my son, Jaxon. They are all so excited about the journey through scouting. I am such a proud mom/den leader. Three of my boys got their bobcat rank last night. Only one didn’t and that’s because that was his second time with us.  But next pack meeting, he will be receiving his as well.  They all looked so sharp in their uniforms and behaved impeccably.

I am learning so much through this journey. Who knew Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts could teach a woman and mother so much?! Teaching my kids the value of scouting was never something I thought that would be my thing to teach my kids. But as a mom of boys, you learn that NOTHING is off limits or isn’t your thing to teach. I have such pride when I see my boys striving to “do their best” or do a good turn daily. When I see them get something that they didn’t get before, it’s like magic. I am so thankful for this incredible opportunity to teach my sons values through scouting, like duty to God and country, being proud to be an American (which lately has been hard for any American to feel with the downturn in the government and the economy) but that is where faith comes in. Trusting God is also something that I have always tried to teach my children, but scouting allows me to do that as well.

I am one lucky mom. I have 2 amazing boys, who are growing up to be strong and confident. I am blessed to be part of so many other children’s lives through this scouting adventure and I know that even when I don’t know what I am doing, they are learning to think things through and figure it out. What an incredible opportunity this is. Getting to see the joy in their learning, growing and love of life is truly Happiness!