Happiness is… New Beginnings in a New Year


Happiness is…. New Beginnings in a New Year

Let me just say that I am sooooo happy to say goodbye to 2013.  It has been one of the craziest, hardest, not great years EVER!  There were definitely highlights (and I will go over those in a bit) but man am I glad that it is finally over.

2013 Regrets or Lowlights (in Chronological Order)

~Leaving my childcare job at my church after 4 years.

~Leaving my pediatric dental assistant job that I LOVED!

~Leaving my friends that I loved and would not have survived living in Utah without.

~Working for an awful human being in the form of a dentist when I moved back to SC.  I’m still healing from the scars that man left after all this time.

~Realizing my marriage was over and asking for a divorce. (Number 1 suckiest thing this year!)

~ My husband realizing (months after we agreed to divorce) that I was really serious and it dawning on him how hurt I was from the things that happened in our marriage.

~My pappy dying. (Definitely ties for Number 1 suckiest thing!)

~Finding out the day after burying my pappy that Ian had already filed for divorce and I was being served the following week. (Due to court errors, I have yet to be served.)

2013 Highlights

~Moving back to South Carolina!

~Seeing and living near my family for the first time in 8 years.

~Spending quality time with my best friend in the world!  Getting to know her babies!

~Living less than 500 feet from my sister and watching our boys pick up right where they left off!

~Finding a new church home.

~Getting the job at the school.  Oh how I love this job and these kids.

~Becoming real friends with Ian after all we’ve been through.

~Receiving the TEACH grant and making plans to go back to school.

~Really standing up for myself and not settling for less.

~Watching both of my boys blossom and grow up.

Things I am Looking Forward to in 2014

~Starting over!

~Going back to school!

~My son becoming a teenager (maybe I am not really looking forward to this but I am so proud of him!)

~This blog!  I already love it.  I used to blog all the time and got away from it.  I am really happy to be back at it.

~Reading the Bible in a year.  I know I NEED God’s word like I need breath.  It’s one in the same!

~Expanding my baking.  Trying new recipes.  I have a HUGE passion for baking and it fills me with joy to share it.

~Spending quality time with my family.

~Seeing where God leads.  I’m making the resolution to seek God and be ready to say YES to whatever or wherever He leads.


So no I’m not sad to see 2013 go.  I am taking 2013 as learning life experience and I’m moving forward.  2014 Here I come!

What are your Lowlights and Highlights?

Are you making Resolutions?  Working toward a goal?  Focusing on a single word?




Can I be real honest for a minute?

I am truly the type of person that tries to look for the good in all situations.  I try to see the bright side.  I find happiness in the small things like a good cup of coffee, a text from someone saying they were thinking of me, a hug, my boys laughter.  I’ve never asked for much out of life.  I simply want to show the love of Christ to everyone I meet and be the best person I can be.  But let’s face it, I fall short every single day.  Some days I fall short moment by moment.  There are some days that the pain in my heart feels like it’s going to rip right out of my chest.  Lately, I’ve been feeling that a lot lately.  With the impending divorce, losing my grandfather and so much other stuff going on, my heart aches.  I never know how much to share.  I know that I will continue to find the little things that bring joy to my life even in the midst of the storm and pain.  I am praying for direction and clarity.  I want God to rain down HIS will for me and make the path so clear that I know exactly what I am supposed to be doing.  I know He will bring peace if I seek Him in obedience.  Will you please be in prayer with me for wisdom and discernment like never before?  I know He goes before and behind me.  I know He works ALL things (the good and the bad, the happy and the pain) for the good of all who love Him. 

Father, please hear my prayer.  Please make my path straight and as bright as can be so that I know exactly where I am supposed to go and do.  You are the everything I need.  You are the prince of peace and my comfort at all times.  Thank you for the work you are doing in me and around me.  Thank you for preparing me for your Will.  Thank you for providing counsel when I need it the most.  Thank you for those who are showing me YOUR love.  Thank you for just EVERYTHING.  I need you every single moment for every single breath.  Keep my eyes on you and a spirit of grace in my heart.  Thank you for letting me know over and over again I can trust You.  Father, I just thank you.  I love you.  Amen

Thanks for letting me share my heart today.  There is pain but there is always something to be thankful for and happy about. 

That’s what Happiness is!