Happiness is…. Going Back to College! Again!

That’s right folks.  A few months ago I applied for a scholarship that SC has for Early Childhood Education.  I received a letter Wednesday night saying that I had been awarded the scholarship that pays 80% of tuition for an Associates Degree.  Part of the perks is that, in order for me to qualify for the scholarship, my employer has to agree to pay 10% tuition costs also.  Well, thankfully, I have an amazing employer and she is doing just that.  So that leaves just 10% of the tuition for me to pay.  Totally doable! So I went in to the college yesterday and submitted my re-admittance application (I attended there back in 1999-2000.)  Today, I did my orientation and met with the financial aid people.  I have to say that it’s crazy how fast this is all going.  I have to go back in next week and meet with my advisor and register for classes.  I am hoping and praying that most of my classes can be taken online so that I am not away from the kids too much more than I have to be.  I already miss them a ton while I am at work all day.  It’s only 2 years and it’s such an amazing opportunity.  Another piece of my fresh start falling right into place!  I’m finally starting to feel a little more like myself instead of Denise Downer all the time.  One day at a time!  Happiness is being a college student again! 


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