First Days of School

So I’m the mom that runs out of the house on the first day of school (after obsessing over their clothes, hair, and whether their socks matched their outfits) only to jump in the car and totally forget those “first day of school” pictures!  Yep that’s me!  No “mom’s got it together” award coming my way! I am also the person who gets on facebook to see all of my friends pictures and louds myself out that I haven’t taken the aforementioned photos.  Clearly I never learn about telling tales on myself.  It’s a problem I’ve had since I was a young girl, but I digress!  I received suggestions like take it afterschool or take them tomorrow.   Well, I got off work and hurried home thinking to myself, “I’m going to take those pictures as soon as I walk in the door!”  But LIFE happened!  You know what I’m talking about right?  I come home and find my pajama loving first grader in. his. pajamas. at 3 in the afternoon.  Well so much for that one!  I’ll get the preteen 7th grader when he comes home off the bus!  I’ll get one of those pictures TODAY!  Yep, then an hour passes and this mama is trying not to panic thinking, “Why did I let my first born child ride a bus for the first time in his life today? Where is my child?  Who am I going to have a “come to Jesus” meeting with, because my son is NOT home still an hour after school has let out!”  Then he walks in and the boy that was so blasé when I dropped him off at school this morning is animated and can’t stop his excitement and talks nonstop.  (I’m writing a thank you card to one of his new teachers because she apparently made 7th grade so much more exciting and bearable and cool.  I may even bring her dinner, or a bottle of wine, or maybe just I’ll just shoot her an email because I can’t even remember to take first day of school pictures of my kid let alone a thank you card, dinner, and or wine! So the night went on and no pictures were taken.

The next morning, making sure teeth were brushed, hair combed, and homework was in their folders, we were out the door again.  Still no pictures were taken.  By the time we all got home yesterday evening, I had a migraine that made my eye feel like it was going to pop right out of my head.  So no pictures were taken.

This morning I was determined to get those pictures!  So we got ready and headed out the door and this is what I got!

photo (2)

My Mister” I love First Grade!”  (He dressed himself! 🙂


My “MOOOM (exasperated sigh inserted here) you really have to take pictures???”

photo (1)

And the classic of them together!  Can you tell who is excited and who is not? 🙂

So these are my “first day of school on the third day of school” pictures! This is what Happiness is!!!